Jean chair

26.5"w x 32.5"d x 34.5"h

Free Drop off!

Zoe Fabric Chair​ -  4 Choice

30"w x 34.5"d x 35"h

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Wing Lounge Chair - Fabric - 7 Colors

Frame: Polished Aluminum

28"w x 26"d x 29"h

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Marie Wing chair- 2 colors

32"w x 32.5"x d x 39"h​​

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Rio Cool Arm chair


23"w x 20"d x 35.5"h

$ 758.00

​East​on-pu Chair -3 Colors

Aluminum Frame-34"w x 39.5"d x 29.5"h

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Ernest Bonded Leather 

​30.5"w x 28.5"d x 29"h

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Voyage Lounge chair 

27.5"w x 20"d x 34.5"h

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Parlier Arm Chair - Feather/Down Seat

​31"w x 29"d x 31"h

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Zara Chair - 4 Colors

​29"w x 31"d x 32"h

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Adair  Chair - ​3 Colors

38.5"w x 35.75"d x 35.75"h​

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Santiage Chair

35"W X 33 7/8"D X 32 1/2" 

​Light brown fabric

Kaato Chair and Ottoman

Top Grain Italian leather

Custom leather -Metal Swivel 

23"w x 37'd x 32"h

Uno Leather Chair  - choice of color

Top Grain Italian leather

Frame: Stainless 

26.5"w x34.5"d x30"h

Glove Leather Lounge chair  

6 colors

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Asson  Chair - ​3 Colors

35"w x 35.5"d x 38.5"h​

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Hayden Swivel 

5 color Bonded leather

28.5"w x 31"d x 29."  

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By Natuzzi -  Recliner

Custom leather - Swivel, Recliner

30"w x 36-62"d x 44"h

Fleur chair  - 2 Colors

33.00"w   31.00"d   34.50"h

​Free Drop off!

Mansfield Arm Chair - Custom

Frame: WAlnut finish

28"w x 35"d x 34"h

​Lannister Leather

swivel Chair

​32"w x 32"d x 26"h

​$ 859.00

Luna Fabric chair - 2 Colors

35"w x 30.5"h  x 18.5"d

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Colin Arm Chair -  2 Colors

​31"w x 26.5"d x 34"h​​

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Fathom Wood Lounge Chair

22"w x 25"d x 27"h - 5 colors

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Jupiter Swivel/Glider)

By - Lazar Ind (custom)

35" x 35" x 32"h

​Floor Sample Available

Glide Lounge Chair - 2 color

Faux Leather -32"w x 28"d x 31.5"h

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Landen chair

33"w   34"d   34.5"h​

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Adrienne Fabric Chair - 2 Colors

22"w x 26"d x 34"h​ - Pack of 2

$ 388.00 (Pack of 2)

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Winston Chair - Custom Fabric

Leg: Mocha finish

​31"w x 29"d x 31"h

Costmo Chair by Sitcom
Wenge Finish
2 for $ 280.00​

Adlai Fabric Chair - 2 colors

27.5"w x 31"d x 38.5"h 

​$ 229.00

​Free Drop off!

Chiara chair - 2 Colors

 36.50"w   32.50"d   27.50"h

​Free Drop off!

Rose Wing chair-Custom

Leg: Mocha Finish

35"w x 35"d x 42"h

Radley  Chair

336.75"w x 33.75"d x 31"h​

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Ashmond Chair

36"w x 33"d x 35"h​

​Dark grey

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Devana chair - 2 color

31"w   30.5"d   33.46"h​

Free Drop off!

​Rochelle Fabric -  2 colors

 27.50"w x 28.50"d x 29.00"h​

Free Drop off!

Sleigh Chair - Walnut finish

Top Grain Italian leather - Color Choice

26.5"w x 35"d x 30"

Linden Chair - Custom Fabric

Leg: Mocha finish

​29"w x 33"d x 33"h

Chapen  Fabric Chair

​32.9"w x 23.4"d x 27"h

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Furniture Innovation

(415) 621-0746

Kaddur Lounge Chair - 6 Colors

41.5"w x 35.5"d x 49"h

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Scott Chair

28.5"W x 27.75"D x 33.5"H 

​Grey Fabric

Alexis Chair - 4 Colors

​25"w x 31"d x 30.5"h

$ 199.00

​Free drop off!