Remix Coffee table

49 x 23.6 x 15.75       

Solid Acacia, Estelle Brown Wood Finish 

Shaped Coffee Table    $ 249.00

48"w x 33"d x 18"h

Available 40" Round  

​$ 249.00

Vintage  Coffee table

47.24 x 26.6 x 15.75       

$ 499.00

Tangent Coffee Table

50"w x 36"d x 16.75"h      

Options for Wood, Metal finish

18100 Coffee Table     

48"w  x 36"d x 3/4" thick Glass

Black, Dark Brown,Light Walnut Base

Juniper  Coffee Table

40"w x 40"d x 20"h    

Table with 4 Stools .

Furniture Innovation

(415) 621-0746

Modesto Swivel Coffee Table 

48"w x 28" x 18"h


Victor Coffee Table

58"w x 28"d x 16"h  

options for Wood, Metal Finish.

Tiburon Coffee Table  

47"w x 27.5"d x 14'h


Lakehurst Lift Top Coffee Table​

​52"w x 30"d x 20"h    


Daisy Motion coffee Table

35"R x (60") x 23"d x 16.5"h

$ 630.00

Revo Coffee Table     

31.5"w x 31.5"d x 14"h

5010C Coffee Table

47"w x 23.5"d x 13.5"h      

Black and White Gloss lacqur .

$ 468.00   - Sample available $ 220.00

Deon Glass Coffee Table    

47"w x 23.5"d x 17"h


Claremont  Coffee Table  

Solid Pine/Metal/Glass

50"w x 26" x 18"h

$ 299.00

Studio lift Top Coffee Table

46"w x 24"d x 19"h  

Sold out

Chorus  Coffee Table

34"w x 40"d x 15"h       

Black color only .

182852 Lacquer Coffee Table

47"w x 47"d x 12"h     

White Lacquer, Wenge

Pinebrook Distressed Coffee Table

52"w x 32"d x 17"h    

Available 40"w x 24"d x 16"

$ 449.00

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18149 Coffee Table with Drawer

47.5'w x 24"d x 18"h      

Black, White​

​$ 349.00

Larkin Rustic Coffee Table

48'W X 28"d x 16"h

$ 499.00

18412 Lacquer Coffee Table

​35.5"w x 35.5"d x 11"h      


Maxim coffee Table ​  

51"w x 25"d x 16"h​


Ray Coffee Table    

​49"w x 29.5"d x 21.5'h

Solid Walnut