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13BA11 White lacquer desk

​47"w x 22"d x 30"h   $329

Victor Desk 

Options: Metal, Wood, Glass


​59.1" x 29.6" x 29.9"   $789

125890 Sofa desk 

​50"w x 20"d x 30"h   $388

111450SV Silver metal desk

​48.5"L x 31"W x 30.5"H   $899

18CD1000 Lacquer Finish $ 429.00

62"w x 28"d x 30"h - 2 Finishs


​56"w x 21"d x 36"h   $989

Haven Desk - 54"W or 72"W

Options for Wood, Metal, Glass

Custom Desk  -- Made in CA

Any size, choice of finish

Ballard Desk

​68"w x 68"d x 30"h   $929

Sven Desk             $999

Desk: W63" x D32" x H30"
Shelves: W55" x D13" x H29"

Sawhorse  Adjustable Height Desk

Chrome/ Clear Tempered Glass top

60"W x 30"D x 30" - 42"h    $ 249.00

Remi Desk    $ 849.00

47"w x 24"d x 38"h​​

18CD009 Bent Glass Desk 

​50"w x 27.5"d x 29"h  $499

15800849  Antique silver desk

50"w x 20"d x 32"h   $499

100972 - by Elite Modern

Walnut wood/Sable/Smoke Lava

72" x 36" x 29.5"h

19072 Cedenza  - by Elite Modern

Walnut wood/Sable/Smoke Lava

72" x 20.5" x 29.5" 


​42"w x 23.5"d x 30"h   $399

5168 Desk

​60"w x 47.25"d x 29.5"h   $289

13BA28 Lacquer w/Chrome

49"w x 21"d x 30"h   $429

111181 Desk

​47"w x 25"d x 30"h   $389

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Carsten Live Edge Wood Desk

Solid Trembesi - Iron 

55"L x 26"d x 30"h   $ 699.00​

Custom desk  -- Made in CA

Any size, chose of wood finish.


​59"w x 29.5"d x 31"h   $599


​46"w x 24"d x 32"h   $989

15800493 TRN desk

​58"w x 30"d x 30"h   $539

259602 Executive Desk

​66"w x 30"d x 31"h   $1,599

15800744 Desk 

 47.25"w x 23.75"d x 29.5"h   $299

DEW Desk

​29-50"w x 22"d x 30"h   $939

111184 Desk

49.5"L x 26.5"W x 29.5"H   $339

Z982563  Natural Oak Desk

48" x 30" x 30"h

$ 699.00